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Surrealist Collage

Quick forward to this assignment, this was one of my student’s favorite projects, I think because we sometimes may have a hard time representing our ideas with the things we create so when we appropriate images from others and incorporate them in a collage it can help us express an idea.

How I made collages work at the middle school level

  1. Preview all of the magazines you may have in your classroom-remove any inappropriate images, National Geographics have several
  2. Put a bin/box for all cut scraps at each table
  3. Each student needs their own pair of scissors and glue stick
  4. Have them arrange their collage first before gluing down the pieces.

Here are my two examples, I had my students create two collages because it gave them practice at organizing space and creating a composition.


Here are my resources that I created:

Powerpoint: surrealist collage <- This is about what collages are

Day 2: Powerpoint 2 <- This is about project specifics

Back up: dali-worksheet