The journey begins- A tale of interviews and future jobs

This week was a really exciting, and I am not going to lie that I was dreading this week. But for all the wrong reasons. This week was the week of student teaching interviews (DUN. DUN. DUN!), on Monday there was a Meet and greet with over 10 schools, Tuesday was all of the out-of-state interviews, and Wednesday was all of our instate interviews. It was rumored that the interviews were with a representative from the school and up to six other prospective student teachers- this turned out to be true. One thing that was exciting and was surprising is that these seemingly too large for comfort interviews actually work to your advantage and are not as scary as they sound.


First of all, you are in a room with people who have different majors than you have.  This allows for ideas to bounce around and less pressure on you. It also gives you a chance to think of an answer to a tough philosophy question while others share their answer before you. I mean yes, there will be occasions where you are asked to answer first but trust me, I thought group interviews were going to be an absolute nightmare, but they really are better than your typical awkward one on one interviews.



Another thing I learned was you just need to be confident and clear!  The interviewers are there because they want a student teacher, they know that you are new and that this might be your first experience in a school. Show them that you know your content area and that you want to learn. Do this in the most clear way possible. Be sure to state why you want to student teach at their school, and why you would be a good fit.

What I am learning now:

I am learning how to be patient. I have to wait until monday to find out what offers I get. I also am having to learn to trust that things happen for a reason. I know that no matter where I go I will have an impact, and have so many opportunities to  learn.

XOXO Ms. Singleton

This is what it’ll be like to get student teaching offers. Wish me luck!




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