5th Grade · Art History · Elements of Design

Aztec “emoji” lesson

Students will recreate the Aztec sun stone by telling their own story using emojis. They will draw sketches which will be transferred onto scratch board next class period. This lesson plan is based on the concept of ideograms, which are symbols used to tell a story. The Aztecs included many ideograms, as this was a part of their written language. Emojis are essentially ideograms of the 21st century.

Day 1 Lesson plan: AztecArtLesson2 (1)

Day 2 Lesson plan :Aztecday2

Day 3 lesson Plan:AztecArtLessonday3

Handouts:Aztec vs emojis

Powerpoint: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1cl1yUCDpUNub_GFB_ExvA2kngEhNIBnen2dyNA2l2fY/edit?usp=sharing

If you want to know how this lesson plan was developed check out my research blog post here. 


Videos :

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