5th Grade · Art History

Byzantine Mosaics

Students will learn about Byzantine art and history, and what it is like to work for a patron. Students are commissioned by a patron, in this case the animal shelter, to create artwork to their very specific guidelines.

Lesson Plan:Byzantine Lesson Plan


GAME!: GAME power point


Guidelines this patron set

The Rexburg Animal Shelter would like paper mosaics that are 5 in x 5in big, each with a gold paper background. We would also prefer that students create a border around their mosaic that reflects the animal shelter. Animals can be wildlife, imaginary or pets. It doesn’t matter we LOVE all animals!*

*These are made up requirements. The Rexburg Animal Shelter had nothing to do with this.

Art work that served as an inspiration for this lesson plan (images all found on google image–I do not own any of these images)

And of course the lovely Justinian and his wife


While researching Byzantine art I also came across an artist named Craig Larotonda, His artwork is loosely inspired by Byzantine art. PLEASE NOTE, some works are not appropriate for all audiences. – http://www.revelationart.net/



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